There are 100 days left in 2023...what do you want to accomplish?

YIKES how are there only 100 days left of 2023? What do YOU want to accomplish?

Share a work thing. Share a personal goal. Share a new job goal. We’d love to cheer you on!

Great question! I want to move all my accounts over to Agorapulse as I’m a new user, learn the ins and outs of Meta Business Manager and Suite so I feel more comfortable since Meta is always moving things around and redo my own business marketing plan so that I can hit my financial goals in 2024. I also want to feel better because I’m dealing with chronic health issues but doing my best to work around it. I’m committed.

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I have several PLR products with reseller rights that I want to get out the door.

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Welcome to the Agorapulse family and Social Media Pulse @info22 Happy you joined us! Great goals…feel free to check in if you need accountability!

Hey @RegErvin those sound interesting. What topics?

Here’s the ones I’m working on getting out right now:

  • AI For Research In Your Online Business
  • AI For Internet Marketers
  • The Email List Building Roadmap

For starters…

Thank you so much! Happy to be here! :slightly_smiling_face:

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