The Trust: Building Community on LinkedIn With Incredible Content

Join @paul for a spirited LIVE chat with Vidyard’s marketing and video guru – and the driving force behind Sales Feed – Tyler Lessard, Wednesday November 16 @ 2pm ET / 7pm GMT:

THE TRUST: Trust drives successful online communities. On this show, we will discuss how different community professionals earn the trust necessary to succeed and, in so doing, also build a trust of them.

EPISODE #3: Building Community on LinkedIn With Incredible Content

Success in nearly all things boils down to being relatable — in love, business, friendships, standup comedy, the list goes on and on. People want to be seen and they want to connect and engage with people who see them.

One of the core goals of The Trust is to explore how community-builders are forging communities, with no predispositions about venues or tactics.

Tyler Lessard and his team are a perfect example of an extremely innovative approach to growing a loyal audience on LinkedIn with witty, earnest content that makes their audience feel seen.

Join Paul and Tyler as they explore what it takes to build a loyal following on LinkedIn and where to go once you’ve done it.

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