The Three Vs of Branding: Voice, Value, and Visibility (Nathalie Gregg)

Nathalie Gregg

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is the process of marketing people and their careers as brands. It is vital for awareness and growth! It differentiates you from the competition while catapulting the “know, like and trust” factor with potential clients and employees. Personal branding is a unique combination of your strengths, talents, and skills.

Building a strong personal brand can be a game-changer for the individual as well as expanding the exposure of the organization. Unfortunately, it does not happen overnight and it is a continuous process.

Whether you know it or not, your personal brand has been established and it is often how others define you. However, it is critical for you to define the narrative for your own personal brand and not leave it in the hands of others.

As you begin to build your personal brand, you need to decide what you want to be known for. Are you a savvy creator who builds dynamic communities? Are you a visionary who sees the big picture, or maybe an executive coach who empowers others to perform at peak performance? Whatever you desire, it is time to create a blueprint with a well-defined process to position yourself for success.

3 Vs Of Personal Branding Blueprint

1. Voice

  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • What three words do you want others to think of when they hear your name?
  • What is your #1 word to describe yourself?

2. Value

  • What problems do you really solve?
  • Where do you make a difference, and for what group?
  • What are the results that you consistently deliver?

3. Visibility

  • How do you share your strengths and expertise?
  • Remain consistent on social media, especially LinkedIn.
  • Who would you like to get to know better in your company?
  • Who is a trusted resource to consult?
  • Hire a coach to hone your skills!


By leveraging the “3 Vs” of branding you will have a blueprint that will continue to position you as a dynamic leader. As you refine it, you can make decisions and create opportunities based on these three to catapult your personal brand.

Nathalie Gregg @nathalie
proven CONSULTANT, dynamic SPEAKER, and accomplished AUTHOR sought by industry leaders to drive community development projects and lead management initiatives.