The struggle of hiring!

I really appreciate this community and I am looking for some feedback or support.

Full disclosure: vulnerable post ahead.

I have never struggled as I am right now trying to hire an engagement specialist! :slightly_frowning_face:

I have created a listing on LinkedIn, sending applicants to a Google form I created that serves almost as a pre-interview.

I have hired many times before and somehow, I can’t seem to be able to fill this position properly!

I’ll leave the listing post here. If anyone has struggled and would like to provide feedback, I’d really appreciate it!



Social Media Marketing Specialist

Impact Clips • Canada (Remote)

If you are looking to apply, make sure to check our service page to have a sense of our offer:

  • This is a contract based position and depending on your experience and your application, the probation/trial rate is set to 400-500$ CAD per project, based on experience.

Each project is based on 30 days of content created for our clients.

  • We are looking for dynamic, passionate, problem-solving, self-motivated team player with clear communication and an eye for details: Make sure to reach out in chat and let us if this really is you!

We are Impact Clips: we help our clients refine their message and create 30 days of authentic content for their social media platforms.

We often work with clients who don’t have active social accounts and authentic, organic growth (no fake followers or bots) is our top priority to support them.

We are looking for someone to ORGANICALLY ENGAGE with audiences who ALIGN with the content we create for our clients and help them GROW their presence on socials.

  • REACHING out to aligned audience, CONNECTING and

ENGAGING with their own content to build authentic relationships and create CURIOSITY for our content.

Providing VALUE based on our clients expertise. The goal of engagement activities is to build a solid connection/ relationship with prospects. This is what will eventually lead to appointments and sales.

  • You’ll need to be able to track and report on growth of the social media accounts.

The KPIs we are looking for: 1. audience growth, 2.

comments, shares, etc., 3. DMs.

  • You need to have impeccable attention to details and very VERY strong written English since you will be representing native English-speaking clients.
    If you have completed such tasks, we will ask for screen captures of post engagements, DMs and all other related activities that you’ve performed to help grow your client’s audience.


This position is contract based work and we are looking for a very quick turn around!