The SMP team is back from Social Media Marketing World! Checking in

Hi friends!!! We are so excited you have decided to join us in Social Media Pulse!

Last week was crazy!!! Our team of four travelled to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World #SMMW22 and launched this community! Today is our first day back to in our remote offices!

Hope you’ve had a chance to look around and find all the different areas of the community. I was telling people we talked to at #SMMW22 that we’ve got the building built! We still need to decorate, paint, put the wall paper up and find out what YOU want in a community like this!

Watch for changes happening as we all settle into the space! We’re already working on implementing parts of our V2 dream list for the community!

What we want to know is…how can we help you? If you could have a spot you loved to learn and network about social media…what elements would you want?

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While my favorite thing at #SMMW22 is always the people, I have to say my biggest learning this year came from talking to people about what they want to see here in Social Media Pulse.

One big theme was ANALYTICS–but I’d love more details on that:
What KINDS of information on analytics do people want to see?

Also keeping an ear out in all of these discussion groups to see what else people want to know more about!

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