The RIGHT Way To Engage With Your New Connections on LinkedIn (Viveka von Rosen)

Viveka von Rosen

You know how when you are nice enough to accept someone’s invitation to connect—and the next thing you know, you’re on their newsletter without your permission?

The problem is that when most people get on LinkedIn, they tend to forget all of the manners their mama taught them.

Here’s what I would recommend instead.

If someone is nice enough to accept your invitation to connect, follow up with something of value. Not, “Here, buy my stuff!”—but literally an invitation to look at a blog post you think would be valuable to them, or a video you might have created. Don’t try and sell them anything.

You can do this even when people invite you to connect on LinkedIn. Remember on LinkedIn we’re trying to build that Know, Like, and Trust factor:

“All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to, people they know, like, and trust.” - Bob Burg

Let me show you two little ninja tricks that will help you engage better with your audience and build that “KLT” factor without coming across as someone just trying to sell them something.

First of all, if someone has sent you an invitation to connect, you can send them a message whether you accept that invitation or not. There’s no clear way of doing that, so here’s the ninja trick: just go to Manage Invitations and you’ll be able to see all the people who’ve invited you to connect, and what you’ll notice is now you can send a message.

My second ninja trick is we’ve got an auto text expander called FlyMSG, and I have created a lot of shortcuts—we call them “FlyCuts.” I’ve got them listed here under the category of “LinkedIn reply.” I have numerous replies already created, and then all I have to do is type in a short code.

As I come back here to LinkedIn, I can just say, “Thanks for inviting me to connect, but I don’t really know you. Also, I’ve hit my limit.” My shortcut for that one is “VNFR”: Video No Fly Reply. I just have to type in “VNFR” and my message goes out. It just takes a couple seconds.

Depending on how people have invited me to connect or why they’ve invited me to connect, I’ve got different types of responses for them. That will help me to build my relationship with them. Similarly, once we’re already connected, I can go through and send a message, hopefully sharing content of value.

The other thing about me is I absolutely love to send videos. I use a tool called Hippo Video, but you can use Loom, Bomb Bomb, Videolicious, there’s a ton of great video tools out there. Or, if you’re on your mobile device, you could actually just send a video natively.

That’s another little ninja trick: when you are following up with your prospects on LinkedIn, send them a video, or a voicemail—something to make you stand out.

To recap:

  • When you get people inviting you to connect on LinkedIn, click on See All. That’s going to allow you to send a message, whether they customize their invitation or not.

  • When you send a reply message, have them already created in an auto text expander tool. I recommend FlyMSG—there’s a Chrome and an Edge extension (the other extensions are coming soon). With just a few quick strokes, you can populate your message.

  • In that message, it’s always a great idea if you can add video to that message as well. That always looks good on a LinkedIn message, and it really will help to differentiate you.

Viveka von Rosen @viveka
I am the Co-Founder and Chief Visibility Officer of Vengreso Known as the @LinkedInExpert, I also helped create, an auto text expander and virtual writing assistant. (on steroids!)

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I send video replies everywhere EXCEPT on LinkedIn.
Duh! Great reminder. :smirk:
Thanks for these tips @viveka