The C Word

Halloween is done, and Thanksgiving and Black Friday are on the Horizon, meaning that Christmas is shortly behind!

  • Have you seen any Christmas ads yet that you’ve been inspired by?

  • How early has your marketing prep started?

  • What Christmas-related thing brings a nostalgia hit for you?

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Stores already have Christmas stuff prepared. Walmart has had Christmas trees for the past 4 weeks for my area it seems. I don’t think I’ve quite yet seen any online ads. I kind of wish to go back to those nights of being able to be in a store late to get deals. But I also know it could be a nightmare. Now people don’t really go out to stores even if they are having those type of sales, they just order online.

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I’ve noticed similar here in the UK. The earliest I have started work on a Christmas campaign is March!
I expect to see some xmas tv and online ads appearing over the next week. But I imagine you guys have Black Friday as a much bigger thing before that?


Black Friday and now Cyber Monday are definitely long awaited deal days. I think we went a bit too far for Black Friday leaking into Thanksgiving but we’re going back on that now with stores closing for Thanksgiving for the most part.

Black Friday deals have started to be shown since early August/October for sure.

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Personally, I’ve been pulling together a new marketing guide with ChatGPT AI prompts for people to be able to do a 12 Days of Holiday Email Cheer campaign…so I’m totally immersed in holiday marketing!

And…my husband wants to put our tree up this weekend :woman_shrugging::christmas_tree:-- I did not answer him LOL


I did see the Walmart Mean Girls commercial yesterday and the nostalgia was spot on!

Your guide sounds brilliant, Deb! I love experimenting with Chat GPT.

Haha, I would have ignored him too. We still have Halloween up and I’m not ready to get it down.

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