The Anatomy of a Viral Tweet (Kevin Graham)

Kevin Graham

This piece was originally published on LinkedIn and in Kevin’s newsletter, Highly Caffeinated.

The basics

Viral content:

  • Circulates rapidly on the internet

  • Is easy to consume and shareable

  • Shouldn’t be the only focus of your strategy

Tweet from tclarkmedia: Generic, mass-appeal content gets you virality; Niche, specific content gets you profit; BOTH types of content are needed in a successful social strategy

It’s important to understand what viral trends are and why they do numbers online.

Viral tweets rely on:

  • Psychology: Understand your target audience

  • Perspective: Mirror viral tonality + address pain point

  • Structure: Create relevant content (that isn’t cringe)

  • Luck: Timing plays a big part

Personal brand example

  1. Audience: Social media managers

  2. Pain point: Bad habit of checking old social accounts

  3. Relatable: People tend to check up on their ex’s socials

Brand example

  1. Audience: Wide-range, basically everyone lol

  2. Pain point: Getting raisins instead of candy

  3. Relatable: We hated getting raisins in our candy haul :confused:


Viral tweets result from:

  1. Knowing your audience

  2. Stopping the scroll

  3. Speaking their language

  4. Luck and timing

Kevin Graham
Social @ Manscaped | My Parents Don’t Understand My Job | Marketing & CPG

Tell Us Below:

Have you ever had a post go viral? If so, why do you think it did?

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I had my PS5 post on linkedin go “viral” if you consider my usual few hundred impressions vs the 13k+ that the PS5 post garnered.

It was kind of like like the post mentioned. I was speaking about PS5s finally becoming easier to get.

It was a large audience of people like the PS5, pain of not getting one, and relateable because all of us struggled to get one due to scalpers and the pandemic.

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Yes, a hot topic people are already talking about but that’s still pretty new is a great wave to hop on!

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