🎥 The 4C Framework: Generate & Convert Social Media Leads (2-part sales training with Shawn Quintero)

Shawn Quintero

AI Specialist, High-Ticket Sales Trainer & Digital Launch Strategist

Use Shawn’s 4C Framework to get yourself more clients AND help your clients get more clients for themselves!

Session #1

In this session, Shawn introduces his 4C Framework and its importance when creating content.

With Ai, we can create really quickly before where it would take us hours or even days or even weeks to write. Instead of spending all of this time on creation, spend more time being strategic, thinking, and being human.

In the first training, Shawn mentioned taking screenshots…so the SMP team took the screenshots for you!

Session #2

Shawn Quintero @shawn1 Shawn Quintero, also known as ShawnQ, is a leading expert in the field of abundance coaching, digital growth and launch strategy. He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, master emcee, and elite abundance coach, known for his ability to help individuals and businesses achieve a life of radical abundance.

With a wealth of experience and thousands of client case studies, ShawnQ is dedicated to helping you get visible, sell more of your offers, and shine in your field.

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It was such a privilege to share this training with the community! Here to support and answer any questions.

P.S. Part 2 will literally change everything you do when it comes to sales.

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