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Hey @linaburgjeremy let me know when you are in Richmond in August. Let’s get something on the calendar to connect then.
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Hello! I own Social Grace Media LLC located in Tucson, Arizona, U.S. I started the company part-time in 2014 and went into it full-time in 2015.

My niche is helping small- to medium-size progressive mainline churches with their online presence. Usually those tasks fall to administrative staff and/or pastors who don’t have the time, training, or inclination to do it themselves. Church boards are nervous about members handling those tasks, and reluctant to hire outside help because they want someone who “speaks church” (understands liturgy and also how a church functions). They’re relieved when they find that my skill set checks ALL their boxes, and pleasantly surprised that I can do all their work remotely without ever setting foot on their campus.

I do have non-church clients but they tend to have a spiritual or social justice component to them.


This is so freaking cool Wende! My wife help with all of the graphics and social media management at our Church here in Winchester, VA. You are totally right about Elders and administrative staff keeping social media tasks close to them. I have noticed that they are very clear on what they want pushed and how it is written which makes total sense.

I will say, from my perspective that I think you are in a great niche. I don’t know many people that just specialize in Church social media and digital marketing efforts.

Do you find that a lot of churches actually use their social media channels?

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Hello, I am Farhan Sheikh.
Founder of Alma Marketing Agency -

My choice to launch an assisted living marketing firm was motivated by a deep connection to and affection for the care sector. Given the vital part they play in preserving the health and happiness of others, I have always had the utmost respect for those who work in healthcare and senior care. This appreciation and admiration have motivated me to use my knowledge and enthusiasm to provide specialized marketing services designed especially for the assisted living industry.

Our company has the skills and understanding to improve the online presence of assisted living facilities, whether it be through search engine optimization, creating engaging content, or using social media platforms. Let me know if any of you are searching for a digital marketing solution; I offer very reasonable packages.

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