Take our New User Tutorial with our Space Friend Bot

You may be new to the Social Media Pulse Community, or perhaps new to online forums in general, or maybe you’re not so new but have never interacted in the forum much because you find the interface and all its features daunting.

I totally feel you and want to introduce our spacefriendbot new user tutorial to you to improve your forum experience.

Click your avatar to find the message from our friend and select Greetings!:

You can also start the tutorial by entering the prompt @spacefriendbot start tutorial in a reply to this post, and you will see a “Welcome!” message pop up in your user inbox (top right corner right by your profile picture) a few seconds later, prompting you to start the tutorial.

The tutorial should only take 10 minutes to complete and contains 10 little tasks teaching you about flagging posts, quoting, sharing links, replying with a picture, etc. You will also learn about emojis and capybara (bonus points if you already know what a capybara) is :wink:

Screenshot 2022-02-28 at 16.45.05

At the end a little reward is awaiting you :gift:

Have fun!