Table Talk Notes - Social Media Strategy

Great conversation with @phylliskhare @dewieirigjones @linaburgjeremy @jessicaj.burchard in Social Media Strategy Table


And saw @amykpsh and @awilson chatting at the Agency Networking Table!

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When is the best time to do strategy?
@phylliskhare blocks time and brainstorms with the client. Middle of the day working with clients. Caffine helps for meeting thoughts!

@dewieirigjones in Wales working with clients 11pm to fit Mountain Time

@deb happens in the afternoon but would rather do it in the am

@linaburgjeremy works with smaller businessesā€¦happens in onboarding with clients. Noon-2pm is the most common time. Heā€™s not normally ready to go until after he swims!

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Creativity on demandā€¦
@phylliskhare in the school materials there is a document that tell you how to jump-start your creativity!

@linaburgjeremy reads a lotā€¦something usually ā€˜popsā€™ā€¦now he uses a notebook everywhere ā€¦ good ideas come in the car.

@deb gets great ideas in the car and tries to drive and write notes in her notebook

Donā€™t edit ideas
walk in nature - donā€™t listen to podcasts
daydream in the shower

unicorn pixie dust creative ideasā€¦see the worksheet!

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Hereā€™s the worksheet @Phyllis shared!

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We chatted about Community Management Strategy with @linaburgjeremy

@phylliskhare shared
interesting content community is interested in
engage the community
honor and elevate the community

Look at pain points client is having and take those and thatā€™s the script for the sales process.

Get in the community and identify the pain points.

You are helping peopleā€¦not selling them!

Look at your own behavior as a consumer! Does it solve your problem?

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@dewieirigjones suggested going to competitor painpoints because same painpoints go across the whole niche. You can steal them for yourself.

Also ask why didnā€™t I buy that product?

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@dewieirigjones says it the same as creating content.

would I click on that or would I not?

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@phylliskhare quoted spending 40% of your time should be spent on marketing

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Talked about ā€œsellingā€ vs. ā€œhelpingā€ or ā€œofferingā€

Need resources for people who donā€™t like selling

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@amykpsh talked about the need to educate clients BEFORE they become clients.

She does this with free education in the community for micro small rural business. After the classes, she sends them home with a checklistā€¦then she checks in on how they are doing with the checklistā€¦they frequently decide they need help and donā€™t want to do it so they become clients.

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@phylliskhare mentioned Social Media Audit is a great way to gain new clients! Weā€™ve got a great template that can help

@deb Agency Summit by Agorapulse had a great session on Social Media Audits you should watch

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uses for online listening management

adds a QR Code or shortlink and it leads to a personalized loom video where she walks people through her findings


Whoop whoop! Now that is a group of rockstars right there!!

@amykpsh, @dewieirigjones, @linaburgjeremy, @phylliskhare, @deb