Suggestions to prepare for latest Twitter changes

For everyone following the changes happening at Twitter, consider taking the following actions be taken before Saturday:

  1. Update your Twitter bio to reflect that it is the official account. Since the blue check marked the account as such, you might have removed this; so take a moment to double-check it has been done.

  2. Secure any unused Twitter handles you think someone would use to mimic your account and remove them from consideration as possible misleading handles.

  3. Make a private Twitter list of accounts with handles that might be used to impersonate your account. Include those that are active but dormant so you can keep an eye on them in case they start tweeting again.

  4. Alert authorities to any accounts that could be used to commit impersonation.

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Thanks @theresa - it’s always good to prepare for the worst. Also good to prepare for the best.

  1. Make a Twitter List of your favorite accounts so you have a way to always enjoy their content.

  2. Spend time on Twitter being a human and having great conversations. Engaging instead of lurking.

  3. You still have control over what you see on Twitter, just like on any other social platform. Curate the best of the best so your world is helpful and productive.

Speaking of Twitter Lists @phylliskhare…I created a couple for Social Media Pulse if anyone wants to follow them.

Also…if you have suggestions of accounts we should add…let me know below. And YES you can nominate yourself to get added to the “Cool Social Media Managers” List!

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