Starting a new business page in Facebook...need advice/insight on setting up goals and KPIs

For the past year I’ve been managing two FB/IG accounts, one each for the two brewpubs the company I work for owns (they are very different brands). We are about to open a second location for one of those brewpubs. So, I plan to create a new business page for it. This new pub will share the same brand aesthetics as the original location, yet with some distinctive onsite experiences.

I’ve included a bit of background, but my inquiry can really be applied to starting any new business page I suppose. So…

What objectives and goals (with corresponding timeframe) should I start thinking about as I begin drafting my plan of action, KPIs? Is there any other advice or insight you would share that has been helpful in your experience?


It’s been a while since I had a multi site client but we did have a master page and then the location pages were the child pages

  • this enabled the sharing of content that was relevant for both as well as allowing individual events and local highlights and content.

apologies if you have already done this. If you haven’t there is information on locations here Manage multiple shop Facebook Pages using Locations | Meta for Business

In regards KPIs I would analyse the existing page to set some benchmarks for engagement , reach etc so that you have a target to work towards.

Set goals for launch strategy and any ad spend based on intel from the existing group, being mindful of any specific local issues (ie: is there potentially more competition in the new location, other factors that might impact etc)


Thanks Fiona!

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@tank I would turn this around - what are their business goals? How can marketing (and what is sales doing btw!) facilitate reaching those goals? if you don’t know their business goals, you will never hit the mark!

Here is a list of goals I ask my new clients to choose from (because often they don’t know!)

  • More Sales
  • More Clients
  • More Business
  • More Revenue
  • Larger Audience
  • Foot Traffic
  • More Online Sales
  • Brand Recognition
  • Book Sales
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Community Involvement
  • Media Attention
  • Sponsorships
  • Fill in your own

I always told my clients the most important KPI for their business social was BID: Butts In the Door! :heart:


Thanks for the list Dorien.

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:grin: gotta gets those butts in thats for sure ha ha

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Absolutely agree and as Im always answering in the wee hours I tend to give a short answer but definitely you must align any marketing strategy to overall business goals. And there will be many different micro strategies at play depending on the stage of the business.

Dorien I’ve found with startups if I give them a list they would say all of these, so I first ask them if they have an actual business plan? What goals did they initially set that their marketing supports to achieve them. Often they have no business plan so I actually encourage them to do that as an exercise using templates. Its amazing how many people launch a business cos someone said they had a good idea or were good at something but didn’t actually conceive how it would work as a business!