Special Report: European Tech Regulations (Melanie Boylan)

Melanie Boylan

I’ve been a Social Media and Tech Journalist since 2015 and the last 5 years has been an explosion of updates, changes, policies and regulations. Some of these have come about for obvious reasons, namely data protection leaks and losses and others have been implemented for the prevention of said incidences!

In this month’s Round Up let’s see what you should be aware of, before you get caught out.

Legislation for all Digital Services Companies Rolled out this Month in EU

It was announced at the beginning of this month (July 2022) that the EU have approved some significant legislation for Big Tech companies and well known brands like Apple, Meta and Google. This is known as the Digital Services Act Package and is broken into two distinct areas:
the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

These acts came about to basically make it easier for all shapes and sizes of businesses and help facilitate the European Central Market, also to help respect the rights of all Digital Services.

I applaud the very clear and simple language created and shared by the EU Commission. Find the link to this new legislation here.

The UK also has its own version of this as a new bill and it currently sits ready to be read in the House of Lords. The UK looks to extend it somewhat further and will also fine offenders AND enforce that each platform create extent safety measure and ask that they create and add tools that can manage this. However, this may now all be threatened by the Tory Party Leadership Challenge and the Summer Recess coming up. There is also no guarantee that when they return in September that this will be treated as a priority.

Irish Data Regulator Threatens to Block Data Back to Meta

There has been cause for concern for some time in what personal data gets back to and gets shared through and beyond many platforms.

The obvious issues with Facebook (now Meta) has led to more stringent observation by the Irish Data Protection Commission over the years. The IDPC wants to halt all data and through this advanced warning given to overseas counterparts the gauntlet has been laid.

This submission will now go through a process known as Article 60 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. It will allow the counterparts to come back with any comments or objections within a 4 week window. The decision to allow this or not however could take longer. It’s going to be a long Summer for Meta. We’ll get back with the outcome of this when it’s broadcasted!

YouTube Clears Up Community Guidelines Appeals

Having one person or in this case, one platform decide what meets community guidelines can be fraught with misunderstanding and miscommunication. There has been more than one incident where a YouTube channel have been shut down too quickly so a worldwide push to have every employee understand how the “3-strikes-and-you’re-out” system works.

YouTube confirms that they do appreciate that Creators need a fast and effective response as livelihoods are at stake. Read more about this update here.

Melanie Boylan @melanie
Social Media Trainer, Digital Marketer, Journalist

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