SOS Facebook Account Hacked

My personal Facebook profile has been hacked for a second time in a few hours. I did have 2FA etc. set up and hackers still managed to get through.

I did try this link but Facebook is not recognising any of my old passwords

What is worrying is that the hackers are now creating Ads on my account.

I have emailed Facebook support and security. Is there any other way to contact Facebook quickly about this serious issue?

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That’s awful for you, Dewi. I’m afraid, in my experience of having business pages hacked, Facebook customer service is appalling and their systems are not robust enough to prevent hackers wreaking havoc. When I tried contacting Facebook all they did was restrict my accounts; that was four years ago and I’m no longer even allowed to appeal their decision. Because of their appalling security, I now always ask clients to consider other platforms or build communities on something that they actually own. I really hope you get some assistance soon.


The dedicated phone number for Facebook support is 1-650-543-4800.

Tips for an Effective Support Experience: When reaching out to Facebook support, consider the following tip to make the most of your interaction:

Be Specific: Provide a detailed and specific description of the problem you are facing.

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YIKES…that’s terrible @Joanna! Wonder if you did a verified account things would switch around?


Thanks for sharing @jtwb768b! Great to have a number to call!

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@dewieirigjones hope you saw the number that Jay posted! Any update?

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I think some people in similar situations have tried the verified account. The silly thing is that Facebook’s actions made me offer my clients different platforms for paid social media … so the only person really to suffer is FB. I wonder where all the hackers, spamm scammers & fake accounts are leading to? It’s all gone into overdrive recently and perhaps ‘the next big thing’ is just around the corner … no one’s indispensable, not even billionaires :thinking:

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Apologies for the radio silence.

Good news. I have my Facebook back. Happy me

The way I achieved it was to use the California Consumer Privacy Act and it’s right to access data against Facebook

I filed a complaint against Facebook stating that their lack of customer service was preventing me from accessing my private data. I used California in all address fields as I am in the UK

A bit more about Right of Access

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WOW…so crafty of you @dewieirigjones! Glad you got your account back! Such exciting news!

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Thank you.

I believe Facebooks lacksy-daisy attitude towards personal data and unwillingness to control bots and hackers could end them in serious legal trouble in the future.