Software Developer Looking for SMM Input!

Hi everyone! I am posting this on behalf of someone I met at SMMW who is working on developing a software program that will automate repurposing videos :smiley:

A few of us were chatting with him as he wants to learn more about the day-to-day activities of a social media manager/agency so that he can create the software in a way that fits the needs of the user.

We talked about features like being able to have it automatically create short-form videos from long-form, being able to have it create quote graphics based on quotes in the video, pull out tweets, captions, etc.

He’s really in the early stages and is looking for anyone who’s willing to spend a bit of time with him to tell him about your current content creation process and what features/automations would make your life easier when it comes to repurposing content. He’s also interested in knowing what price point would be reasonable and attainable.

His name is Christian Genco and his contact through WhatsApp is +18176685828
He has a landing page set up -

If anyone is willing to spend some time chatting with him, I know he would appreciate it! I don’t have any affiliation with him, just want to help out a fellow business owner (not to mention how much my job would be easier with this tool!)


Happy to help, but would love some sort of exchange for expertise - like a free account when the tool is released.

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You can definitely bring that up! I told him to expect that from people he talks to :slight_smile: