#SocialMediaWeek22 SM Strategy Table Talk Checkin + recap notes

Share your #nugget and takeaway from our Table Talks!

Great to meet everyone today! Please, let’s connect. I want to learn more from all of you!!!


Here are some notes…(testing to see if this is helpful—let me know)

What does the client really want?? What’s the goal??? If you don’t know that you are never going to be right!

Loved what @dorien shared about starting a podcast, a LinkedIn newsletter, and creating regular content —totally helped skyrocket her business!

@JonathanDGaby shared a book suggestion https://bigpicturepartners.com/ He also talked about the focusing on the TRANSFORMATION

@lori talked about focusing on thinking, feeling, and doing. You don’t necessarily have to say “buy my thing”. Figure out what the flash point of your social media is! It might be getting them on your newsletter vs buy my thing.

Talked about pricing for ads
@linaburgjeremy does organic social. Prices via package pricing.

@dorien partners with social media paid agencies. Base management rate. Consulting rate. Sometimes agency pulls organic posts into paid.

Holiday campaigns…sales ads…the agency publishes a bunch of ads and then turns off the ones not working and goes with the best ads then republish the best to the feed

Consider management, creative, testing.
sometimes people charge 20% of ad spend
set a minimum…$1000 per month at least

@helena.schrommova and @dorien had a great discussion about pets and dogs!


GREAT recap @deb I had a great time meeting incredible people! :slight_smile:

It was great seeing you!!

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Thanks for the recap Deb!!! It was awesome getting to hang with such awesome people.