🚨 Social Media Trend: Stanley Cup Car Fire TikTok

Did you see the Tiktok from Danielle 2 days ago? Her car burned down, and she had a Stanely Cup survive with ice still in it. She tagged Stanely 1913. It’s had 31.7M views as of Nov 17th. It has 33.1K comments.

Of course, Stanley was #sociallistening and they saw it and the President of Stanley replied with a stitch and he is sending her some merch…and they are replacing her vehicle!

Now people are going crazy about this! It’s another OceanSpray moment in social! This will go down as one of the coolest things that happened in social in 2023!

Way to go to the social team at Stanley! Shows you the power of #sociallistening!

Are you going to jump in with any of your accounts?

We shared it on Wholesome Media as it matches perfectly with our brand, wholesome and kind content. I also think it’s a perfect example of recognizing your community and taking action on it!

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I did! Maybe Kia need to up their social listening game…

Right?? Maybe they do listen but the car burned so it’s one of those post you hope you never see…and they chose to NOT do anything.

Think this would have gotten longer legs had the whole AI thing not blown up!

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I suppose Kia could have teamed up with Stanley to replace that vehicle, but maybe they chose to just not say anything and hope the news went away quickly that one of their cars caught on fire?

This was such a lovely good news story when let’s face it, the news is full of disaster. But now other brands are trying desperately to replicate it and it’s never going to be as good.

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I think they aren’t using Agorapulse for social listening LOL!

It’s the organic moments that matter…although just yesterday I got in a debate with my 23 year old MBA student who thinks the whole thing was a setup! LOL