Social Media Specialists in Europe

Hello everyone.

I have been following lots of Social Media experts online but most of them seem to be from the US. I would love to discover more european experts and see wahat kind of content they create. Any recommendations? Who are your top favorite social media experts to follow?

Hi @reginateste12 —welcome to Social Media Pulse! We’ve got multiple members of this community who are European. Thinking they’ll have suggestions too!

@amanda1 @Tristan_Griffiths @joanna1 @jenny @ian @ChiefCoffeeDrinker @james @rebecca Andrew & Pete, Ian Cleary, Nicole Osborne

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Absolutely and I thought the same when I first started in social media, then I discovered many of the people Deb has listed.

Connect with me on Instagram so I can recommend my favourite social media people!

And I can send links to the people Deb has mentioned. I’m @thinksocialbesocial on IG. What’s your username on IG?

Rebecca Ward.