Social Media Specialists in Europe

Hello everyone.

I have been following lots of Social Media experts online but most of them seem to be from the US. I would love to discover more european experts and see wahat kind of content they create. Any recommendations? Who are your top favorite social media experts to follow?

Hi @reginateste12 —welcome to Social Media Pulse! We’ve got multiple members of this community who are European. Thinking they’ll have suggestions too!

@amanda1 @Tristan_Griffiths @joanna1 @jenny @ian @ChiefCoffeeDrinker @james @rebecca Andrew & Pete, Ian Cleary, Nicole Osborne

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Absolutely and I thought the same when I first started in social media, then I discovered many of the people Deb has listed.

Connect with me on Instagram so I can recommend my favourite social media people!

And I can send links to the people Deb has mentioned. I’m @thinksocialbesocial on IG. What’s your username on IG?

Rebecca Ward.

:wave:t2: Hey Regina, I’m based in the UK and have worked with clients here, in the EU, USA and Australia. It’s always good to make new connections so feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn/X-Twitter/FB/IG - plus I contribute here on Social Media Pulse as often as I can. How can I help you?
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