📰 Social Media Pulse News: September 19, 2022

Your social media news for September 19, 2022:



  • Facebook is rolling out a new “Community Chats” feature which will allow people to create a Facebook Group, invite others to join, and start chats, all within the Messenger app.

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  • If you’re a creator, do you have a media kit? Per Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram may soon be able to help you create one (including Insights!).

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  • Twitter has introduced a new application-based Creators Insiders community which aims to solicit creator feedback along with providing special access to Twitter resources, support, and conversations.

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(Editor’s Note: I’m in—here’s what the intro post says:)

  • We knew Podcasts were coming to Twitter’s redesigned Spaces tab—but if you’re a Twitter Blue subscriber, they’re already here!

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  • You can now share songs from YouTube Music to Instagram Stories.

  • YouTube is introducing some new “Search Insights” analytics—including Watch Interest, Watch Activity, and your audience’s other interests, based on viewing/search behavior and saves—to give greater insights into audience activity.

  • If you recently found yourself sitting through as many as 10 unskippable short ads in a single ad break on YouTube, good news: it was just a test, and it’s over now.


  • New “TikTok Now” feature appears to copy the popular BeReal app’s “in the moment” daily prompt format.

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  • TikTok’s #FashionForYou activation celebrations Fashion Week through October 14 with creator spotlights, fashion-oriented live streams, a designer collaboration with Vogue, and new Effects creator collaborations.


  • In recognition of the increasing importance of online community in journalism, The Washington Post is seeking a social media coach to help journalists connect with audiences.
    (Editor’s Note: This is basically how I got started in social, from within the newsroom! -CG)

  • Adobe has released “The Future of Creativity: 2022 U.S. Emoji Trend Report,” which reveals how individuals and businesses are leveraging emoji on social media and other digital communications.

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  • Canva has unveiled a full “Visual Worksuite” incorporating docs, whiteboards, presentations, websites, and more.

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