📰 Social Media Pulse News: September 12, 2022

Social Media Pulse News: September 12, 2022

Your social media news for September 12, 2022:


  • Meta has announced that it will host its second annual Meta Connect virtual conference on October 11, at which the company will also unveil its latest VR headset.

  • Meta’s new Music Revenue Sharing program will provide monetization opportunities for both creators who use licensed music in their videos and musicians whose music is used.

    • Further details from Meta:
      “Whenever a creator uses licensed music in their videos on Facebook that are 60 seconds or longer, they can earn money on certain videos through in-stream ads, with a share of revenue going back to the music rights holders.”

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  • Meta is spotlighting curated lists of “Creators of Tomorrow,” a wide array of innovative content creators from around the globe who will be highlighted across Facebook and Instagram.



  • Instagram has confirmed that they are finally looking at testing a native “re-gram” function.

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  • As broadly teased last week, Twitter is now officially allowing Twitter Blue subscribers to edit their Tweets—but only up to 5 times in a 30-minute period.

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  • Twitter is expanding their community moderation and fact-checking feature, Birdwatch, and has improved their onboarding process and the visibility of notes on content.

  • Such good news for Spaces hosts, they had to declare it in all caps: Twitter is now allowing hosts to pre-schedule up to 10 Spaces at a time.

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  • YouTube is launching YouTube Player for Education which omits ads, external links, and recommendations from partnered education apps. They’ve also pre-announced the 2023 beta launch of YouTube Courses, which can be purchased and played in the background ad-free, along with an embedded Quiz function.

  • YouTube has published a downloadable guide to their short-form Shorts feature.

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Thanks for the recap! I missed about 2 weeks worth of social news due to our daughter’s wedding and a trip to INBOUND in Boston.


Glad it was helpful! Can’t wait to catch up and hear some of what you learned at INBOUND (and see more wedding photos, of course!)

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