📰 Social Media Pulse News: October 24, 2022

Your social media news for October 24, 2022:



  • Facebook is getting rid of Instant Articles, a feature that loaded articles from trusted publishers more quickly on the Facebook app.

  • Facebook has announced a lot of new features for Groups including Groups Reels, new chat features, greater profile customization options, enhanced community member features and achievements, and more robust admin tools.

  • We knew Facebook was planning to allow creation of numerous profiles, and it appears the feature is now here.


  • Instagram has introduced a “Creator Portfolio” feature to help creators showcase their work and assist in obtaining influencer deals on the platform.


  • Twitter has started suggesting videos in the main newsfeed (after recently introducing them to the Trending feed).

  • Twitter’s upcoming Community Spaces feature will apparently have scheduling options.

  • Twitter is planning to add background music options for Twitter Spaces.


  • LinkedIn has added new accessibility tools including auto captioning for videos,
    standardized, searchable job titles for accessibility professionals, greater options for identifying disabilities, high-contrast options for videos, alt text for campaign images, accessibility learning opportunities, and more.

  • LinkedIn is beta testing the ability for career-changers to highlight specific transferable skills.



  • TikTok has updated their live streaming feature with multi-guest streams, upgrading the minimum age for live streaming from 16 to 18, specifying if your live stream should be limited to viewers over age 18, and enhanced comment filtration tools.

  • TikTok is launching a new music feature called StemDrop. 60 seconds of a new single will be dropped exclusively on the StemDrop TikTok with individual, editable components so TikTok creators can edit their own mixes. The feature is launching in collaboration with Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Republic Records and Samsung.

  • After a May announcement, TikTok’s Pulse ad revenue sharing program is finally rolling out to its first round of eligible creators.

  • TikTok is now allowing users to edit captions after a video has already been posted.


  • New limited-rollout app Gas encourages U.S. teens to spread positivity.


so much news. Is it me, or are all the new things really niche these days? Not a lot of broad strokes anymore - just all these little fine features. At least it feels that way to me.


Absolutely! It’s why there’s so much that I choose not to even bother posting—like, does this tiny new feature (or piece of corporate news) really impact everyday SMMs or brand managers? I also feel like half the things people are discussing lately are rumored new features in development, less-so actual releases.

Keep it all coming, though; your help in assembling this news digest every week is TREMENDOUSLY valuable and appreciated! :heart:


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s interesting sorting through all the news to find just those things that a sm manager will actually need to know. I think we’re doing a good job with it though – Much appreciation for all you do @christine