📰 Social Media Pulse News: October 10, 2022

Your social media news for October 10, 2022:


  • Facebook is giving us more control over what shows up in our feeds, including the option to “Show More” or “Show Less” on individual posts, as well as new settings for how much we’d like to see from Friends & Family, Groups, and Pages.

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  • More ads are coming to Instagram with the addition of new ad slots, including on the Explore page, on profile feeds, in shorter Reels ads, and via carousel image ads to run at the bottom of Reels.

  • Multiple links-in-bio has been in testing for a while, but has recently rolled out to even more users.

  • We already saw that Instagram was looking at helping creators with “media kits”—and development is apparently continuing, with a new name (“Creator Portfolio”) and welcome page.

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  • Instagram is testing new Group Profiles with select users in Canada.


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  • Twitter’s community content watch program Birdwatch will now make user annotations that are rated as especially “helpful” visible to all US users on the relevant tweets.

  • Twitter Spaces keeps tinkering with which emoji reactions it offers (goodbye peace sign, welcome back 100).

Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 10.42.00 PM

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  • YouTube may soon make 4K videos a subscriber premium.


  • First Instagram got short-form videos—now TikTok is getting “photo mode.”

  • TikTok has also released better editing tools and longer descriptions.

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@christine Thanks! Just skimmed this for a quick update on all thing #socialmedia. #valueadded! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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