📰 Social Media Pulse News: November 14, 2022

Your social media news for November 14, 2022:


  • Meta is taking action against climate misinformation on the platform via its new Climate InfoFinder and Climate Science Literacy Campaign tools, which join its existing content moderation tools. They’re also introducing Climate Pledges to encourage Facebook Groups to take action, and the company has joined the Asia Clean Energy Coalition.


  • Facebook’s “New Pages Experience” is now the only pages experience, as the brand removes the ability to switch back to Classic.

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 12.19.15 PM


  • Instagram has finally rolled out native post scheduling for Reels, photo posts, and carousels for Professional (Creator/Business) accounts.

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 12.25.14 PM

  • In the same post, Instagram announced “Achievements” for Reels creators, acknowledging actions such as collaboration, engagement, participation in trends, and creation streaks.

  • You can also now add music to still image posts on Instagram.

  • Instagram is testing the ability to limit a Story’s visibility to mutual follows only.

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 12.42.38 PM


A disclaimer: much of the below news is changing on a near-hourly basis, so please double-check the current status before taking action based on any of these stories.



  • YouTube’s paid Premium and Music services have gained a combined 30 million subscribers in the past year alone, bringing them to a grand total of 80 million subscribers.

  • YouTube’s “Go Live Together” feature allows users to co-host and simulcast live video with users on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. The option, already in beta with select creators, will be rolling out soon to all verified channels with at least 50 subscribers.

  • YouTube’s new Live Q&A feature will enable live streamers to better handle user questions during their stream.

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Instagram has joined forces with UK technology firm Yoti to verify user ages via analysis of video selfies.

This sounds gross. But that’s just me with the whole technology face scanning you and stuff privacy wise. I get it that it can be useful to detect age, but eh… I think the article said just an estimator, so really feels kinda of useless? The ID thing makes sense, doesn’t stop people from originally putting they’re over 18 though? only those that want to make the change after they already said they were under 18.


It’s so strange to me—I know plenty of people who look older or younger, so while I understand there’s actual technology behind this stuff, I don’t think it’s a great way of going about things.


Goes back to face recognition in general and how I feel like we need to ban it, but i can also see its uses… but at the same time, privacy. :grimacing:

We’ve had literal bots scanning the internet for our faces and like cataloguing them… I just think it’s not great.


In this particular cases the companies have sworn up and down that they do not save any of the facial data whatsoever, they just perform their analysis on it and immediately delete.
(But who truly knows…)