Social Media Pulse News: July 18, 2022

Your social media news for July 18, 2022:


  • In an effort to drive greater engagement, Facebook is testing the ability to allow users to create up to five different profiles on the platform, which will not have to include the user’s real name. Each profile will have its own feed but only one profile can like and comment on other people’s posts, and rule violations on any profile will impact all of the user’s profiles. This is a change from Facebook’s policies of recent years, which have largely focused on real identities and user verification.

  • Ray-Ban’s Stories smart glasses can now make calls and send WhatsApp messages. The content-capturing eyewear was developed in partnership with Meta last year as a competitor to Snap’s Spectacles.


  • Instagram is FINALLY testing opening their Live API to allow live streaming via streaming software. This news was so exciting that Instagram’s own page on the topic crashed, and appears to no longer be up—but they confirmed the news to TechCrunch, clarifying that it’s in extremely small-group beta testing with select partners.

Screen Shot of what Instagram's Live API will look like

  • Instagram is adding more features to its Creator Subscriptions beta, including paywalled images, group chats, Stories, and live streams.

Screen Shot of a tweeted video from Instagram head Adam Mosseri announcing the new features

  • Also in live beta is Instagram’s Creator Marketplace platform, which connects brands with influencers.

Screen Shot of the interface of Instagram's new Creator Marketplace

  • Instagram appears to be testing two strange new profile features.

    • One, uncovered by Owen Williams, is the ability to post new “Notes” of up to 60 characters that your connections can all see at the top of the DM inbox.

    • Another feature being built behind the scenes (and revealed by Alessandro Paluzzi) is a presumably-monetizable option for users to opt in on showing ads on their Instagram profiles.

Screen Shot of a tweet from Owen Williams showing Instagram's Notes feature

Screen Shot of a tweet from Alessandro Paluzzi of Instagram's profile ad opt-in


  • For those times when muting the updates just isn’t enough and you’d like to remove your tag from the conversation entirely, Twitter’s finally rolling out their Unmention features (in beta for the past few months) to all users. This feature allows you to remove the clickable link to your profile from a user’s tweet, block certain users from tagging you in future tweets, and even mute everyone’s ability to mention you for a certain period of time (if you just aren’t feeling your notifications).

Screen Shot of a tweet announcing Twitter's new Unmention feature

Screen Shot of Twitter alt text reminder

  • Twitter is testing new Custom Timelines: topic-specific feeds that can be swiped to alongside the regular timeline. The first one in testing is built around “The Bachelorette.”

Screen Shot of upcoming Custom Timelines option


Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 8.10.33 AM

  • User Nima Owji has uncovered that LinkedIn is working on a Discover tab filled with recommended content and people from outside your network.

Screen Shot of LinkedIn's upcoming Discover Tab option

  • Owji also shares that LinkedIn is working on a “Share outside LinkedIn” section for the post share menu, with Twitter and Facebook shown as sharing destinations.

Screen Shot of new LinkedIn post sharing menu


  • YouTube is expanding Picture-in-Picture—which allows viewers to watch YouTube in a small window while using other apps—to more iOS users. The feature has already been accessible to Android users.

“In the U.S., everyone using the YouTube app on iPhone and iPad will have access to PiP for non-music content.

Globally, all Premium members on iPhone and iPad will have access to PiP for all content, (both music and non-music).”

Screen Shot of tweet announcing expanded Picture in Picture access

  • If you’ve had some trouble with appealing community guidelines strikes on YouTube, product manager Laurel recently shed some light on some commonly asked questions about YouTube’s appeals process.


Screen Shot of TikTok "Music" option in Live interface

  • TikTok has announced enhanced features and algorithmic tweaks to give users greater control over the types of content they do and don’t see in their feeds, as well as showing users more variety to avoid excessively displaying certain topics in a short period of time.

Screen Shot of TikTok's announcement380x499, 75%

  • TikTok has [paused the planned rollout of targeted ads without consent in Europe after Italy challenged the platform’s use of the “legitimate interest” clause to sidestep EU data privacy regulations.

  • TikTok owner ByteDance plans to launch a new youth-oriented photo-sharing app called “Kesong”—Chinese for “croissant"—in Asia.



Screen Shot of WhatsApp announcement of enhanced emoji support for Reactions



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Does anyone know, if the client mention on your LinkedIn page is still only being tested with Notion or if you can add customers to your own page already?
If possible, how can you add them? :smiley:

Thanks in advance :smiling_face:

I believe it is still in beta—even Notion doesn’t have it yet on their live page (I think that was a mocked-up graphic by the product manager who posted it).

Notion does have their customers on their LinkedIn Page. If you go on their page an look under “products” an scroll to the bottom you can see the section “Selected customers of Notion” :slight_smile: (Sorry, my LinkedIn is set up in german, but you can see what I mean :smiley: )

Oh—weird! I hadn’t been able to see it when I looked. Sorry about that!
But yeah, it’s definitely in a controlled beta test at this point. Not a general rollout yet.

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