📰 Social Media Pulse News: July 11, 2022

Your social media news for July 11, 2022:


  • Two years ago, Meta made Facebook logins mandatory for using its Oculus VR headsets, but now they’re dropping that requirement and introducing new Meta accounts to use to log into the Oculus Quest device. You can sign up for a new Meta account starting this August. If you’ve been using an Oculus account, you can keep using it until January 1st, by which point you, too, will need to switch to a new Meta account.


  • Instagram has now given more users access to Reels templates, which let you select popular trending Reels and replace segments with your own video content; the feature first rolled out in beta in April.

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  • As uncovered by user Ahmed Ghanem, Instagram is also suggesting music for your Reels based on the video content you’ve uploaded (and, presumably, the template or effects you’re using, if relevant).

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  • Matt Navarra has shared that the long-rumored Filter option for Instagram’s notifications is finally here; you can now filter by notification type or account type.

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  • If you don’t have an NFT to use as your Twitter profile pic, never fret—Twitter is testing a new Bitmoji integration for profile images, in yet another reveal from Alessandro Paluzzi.

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  • Paluzzi’s fellow reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong reveals that Twitter is working on in-app Podcast player as part of their continued push into audio social; this is an update to Wong’s March reveal that a Podcast tab was in the works.

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  • Speaking of audio on Twitter, Spaces recordings on iOS will henceforth last indefinitely instead of disappearing after 30 days (this update came to Android a few weeks ago). This only applies to recordings made after the update, so if you’ve got any old recordings, you might want to download those.

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 1.38.13 PM

  • Twitter Blue users on iOS have been able to customize their app navigation bar for a little while now, but now Android subscribers can as well

  • Twitter is testing a co-tweeting feature whereby select test users in the US, Canada, and Korea can share tweet authorship and distribution with another user.

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  • Twitter’s new Creative Metadata Tagging function will allow creative partners, agencies and creative developers to tag assets used within Twitter campaigns for better creator attribution and more detailed tracking.

  • Twitter photo filters are back!


  • TikTok has been testing live shopping options in Europe and the US since late last year, but with disappointing results. They’re not giving up entirely just yet, but are scaling back expansion plans to focus instead of making the format a success in the UK and Asia before rolling out to the rest of the world in a bigger way.

  • TikTok has announced new features to assist users with managing their own digital well-being. In addition to their pre-existing daily screen time limit function, they’re also introducing a tool to prompt users to take breaks after a set amount of time on the app. A new screen time dashboard will provide data including daily time spent on TikTok, the number of times they opened it, and a day/night usage breakdown. TikTok has published a new guide called, “How Can I Reflect On My Digital Well-Being With My Family And Friends?” in their Safety Center, encouraging users to reflect on how they’re spending their time online in general, and is also introducing pre-set “well-being prompts” for users aged 13-17 who have used the app for more than 100 minutes in a single day.

  • With those younger users in mind, TikTok is testing the ability to restrict certain livestreams to viewers who are 18 and older, though these posts will still need to abide by the app’s existing policies regarding nudity, sexual content, and violence.


  • Pinterest has added more new shopping features, including detailed multiple-product tagging from merchant catalogs on lifestyle Pins, enabling video assets in product catalogs, a new Shop Tab on business profiles, and a Pinterest API for Shopping, which will connect Pins with product databases to ensure up-to-date product information.


  • YouTube is adding more insights for creators, including Shorts analytics, more advanced audience behavior data differentiating between new and returning viewers, updated badges for channel memberships to display stars instead of the previous letter S, and updated the way information is presented on YouTube’s mini-site for musicians.

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​​* WhatsApp may be updating its time limit for deleting sent messages; it was once a paltry eight minutes, got extended to the awfully-specific one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds, and beta users of the latest update have surmised that the limit is now a leisurely two days and 12 hours.


Lots of European digital regulation news coming up; more details coming as these stories develop.

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It’s amazing how much can happen in just one week @christine – week after week after week. It’s nice to have a quick list of the changes. Some of these will impact social media managers and their daily tasks.