📰 Social Media Pulse News: January 16, 2023

Your social media news for January 16, 2023:


  • Meta’s Creator Studio is shutting down; all features will now be part of Meta Business Suite.

  • Meta is limiting how much personalized data can be used to target ads to teens, and users under 18 will have more control over the ads they are served.


  • Meta’s new SparkBot conversation-starter AI is now available in Facebook Groups.

  • Facebook tested sending users fewer notifications. The results showed higher user satisfaction but lower app usage.



  • Twitter now has two swipeable feed options: one of users you follow in the app, and the other with recommended posts (“For You,” like a certain other platform).

Screen Shot 2023-01-15 at 8.37.07 PM

  • Elon Musk outlines new Twitter features that are coming, including easier bookmarking, text formatting options, and long-form tweets.

  • Sponsored promotional hashtag emoji (“hashflags”) just got an update: when you click on select hashtags, the hashflag will rain across the screen (they’re calling it “hashfetti”).

Screen Shot 2023-01-15 at 8.44.06 PM

  • Now that Blue users are able to upload longer videos, they’ll now receive copyright warnings upon upload.


  • YouTube has also enhanced Shorts analytics, including cover image creation tools, subscriber growth data, and more.


  • TikTok is testing a “Sleep Reminders” feature within Screen Time settings to remind you to close the app at your desired time.

  • TikTok is doing an invitation-only test of its new Talent Manager Portal, which will make it easier for brands to work with popular creators.



  • Snapchat has added two new tabs to help users navigate music: “Trending” and “My Favorites.”

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Twitter now has two swipeable feed options

I still don’t have this on mobile but I do on the PC! I actually do like the following tab, and the “for you” tab works like home used to (I rarely had it on chronological) so its no different for me!

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I honestly don’t bother changing tabs. I probably should.
I resent that Twitter is becoming a bit more labor-intensive for me (and I’m THISCLOSE to starting to use Lists primarily…I barely use them today).

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