Social Media Planning Worksheet (Ruth Inman)

Ruth Inman

This piece was originally published as part of Social Media Manager School, now Pulse Academy.

How to use this template

This is a read-only Google spreadsheet. In order to use this for your clients, click File β†’ Make a Copy. A new tab will open up and you will be able to re-name the spreadsheet and use and customize it.

You can access the template here.

Happy Strategizing!

Ruth Inman @ruthbinman
:rocket: Director of Community Education for Pulse Academy :school: Ph.D. in education :gear: 15 years as a marketing professional :woman_teacher: 10 years teaching university students

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Do you ever lay out your social media or marketing plans on a spreadsheet to ensure everything’s aligned to strategy?

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@ruthbinman I a going to check this out. I have my own checklist and worksheet, but I love comparing others! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing. And for those reading this - go DO THIS. It’s god to put it all in one document.