Social Media Planning Worksheet (Ruth Inman, Pulse Academy)

Ruth Inman

This piece was originally published as part of Social Media Manager School, now Pulse Academy.

How to use this template

This is a read-only Google spreadsheet. In order to use this for your clients, click File β†’ Make a Copy. A new tab will open up and you will be able to re-name the spreadsheet and use and customize it.

You can access the template here.

Happy Strategizing!

Ruth Inman @ruthbinman
:rocket: Director of Community Education for Pulse Academy :school: Ph.D. in education :gear: 15 years as a marketing professional :woman_teacher: 10 years teaching university students

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Do you ever lay out your social media or marketing plans on a spreadsheet to ensure everything’s aligned to strategy?

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@ruthbinman I a going to check this out. I have my own checklist and worksheet, but I love comparing others! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing. And for those reading this - go DO THIS. It’s god to put it all in one document.