Social Media plan - what are the key elements?

Hi guys,
I’m making a social media plan.
Apart of the obvious, what are the most important points I should be thinking of?
Metrics: *User stats from (organic) our Social network to the App/Website? * % increase of followers in every SM channel we have. * what else?

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Welcome to the Community Yamila!

I found this social media plan worksheet from @ruthbinman. It may be helpful in terms of organizing things!

There’s also this training from @phylliskhare

Can’t wait to see what our other members think!


thanks for finding those things @eternalkaz - much appreciated! Good stuff in there - and more to come, too.


Waving hi @yamiale you might also like this ⏰ Office Hour: Back to basics - how to start a social media strategy from scratch

plus you can search the rest of our strategy tag you might find something helpful.


Thank you!!!

Thank you very much!

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I hope it helped! :slight_smile:

If you have more questions definitely don’t be afraid to ask!

Thank you!
Yes I have another question if you don’t mind.
I have a data base increasing every day, 10% more a less. Actually I have 5000 email addresses and I need half of them to become buyers.
What can I do for those who have registered in our website to become buyers? I’m talking through newsletter campaign or social.
Thank you! :pray::pray::pray:

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Hey Yamila,

I’m not really an expert on email marketing. @deb might have some ideas on who we can call upon to give some good ideas.

I’d make sure that they get value from whatever email you’re sending. Based on the subscribe button (pictured below) that I found on your website, you say to subscribe to get informed about promotions and news. So maybe talk about specific zero sugar wines you’re adding or have? Or give information about those types of wines you got and what they pair up with, etc. Making it easy for them to click to buy from those emails. Also following whatever anti-spam rules there are for whatever countries your subscribers are from.

Keep your list clean/remove people who are not opening your emails so that you’re not spamming them and you may be saving money. Of course if they miss ONE email then its not an automatic purge but if its been a few months worth of emails…


I did try to find some content here within the SMP community but we may have a month for email marketing down the line. Or my searching skills failed lol.

Thank you!

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No problem, hope it helps. Happy to chat anytime :slight_smile: