Social Media Marketing World--Anyone going?

I’ll be there. Arriving on Sunday leaving on Friday. :smile:


I’ll be there, I’m a first-timer and would love to meet up with folks :slight_smile:


Yes, I will be there! Also, in case anyone is interested. I have a meetup listed on the SMMW app. It is just for a Sunday afternoon Meet and Greet Walk. It will be very low-key, with just a way for us to meet more people before the conference starts!




will miss you!

YES!!! Excited to see you Sandy! BTW Welcome to Social Media Pulse! I’ve had a bowdabra for years!

Hi Deb, it is excited to hear from you! I am looking forward to meeting people and seeing what Social Media Pulse is all about. It is cool that you have a Bowdabra! Hope to see you at SMMW!

Let’s meet up @bowdabra @niki @StaceyonSocial @mratnam stephanie @jenn @coreycwalker @judiwfox @communifi @amanda1 @jerry christine @andreavahl @natchi @amanda

SMP Photo Op #1 – this is a long-time Social Media Manager School Tradition that SMP will continue

Sunday March 12 @ Official Hyatt Meetup – meet at couches in lobby 9pm
Take a group photo + we’d love to have you help us with a video project :rocket:

SMP Photo Op #2
Tuesday 12:00 before Table Talks Location TBD…I’ll post here once we get onsite.
Come celebrate Social Media Pulse’s 1st Birthday with us!

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OK, I should be able to make photo op#2! I’m not coming in until Monday morning since it’s a quick hop from Sacramento.

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I’ll be there for the Hyatt Meetup on Sunday. See you there for the photo op @deb and All!

We will be at the SMMW step and repeat at noon for photos today