Social Media & Marketing Manager - SMiZE & DREAM · Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Job Title: Social Media & Marketing Manager
Company: SMiZE & DREAM
Location: Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

SMiZE & DREAM is an inspirational, theatrical, dream-fulfilling company where entertainment and ice cream collide on a global scale. Founded by Tyra Banks, SMiZE & DREAM’s ice cream has a hidden gourmet truffle in every cup, called the SMiZE PRiZE. Strategically located at the bottom of every luxurious serving, the SMiZE PRiZE is a tasty reward after some serious digging - a fun & delicious discovery that appeals to the kid in all of us. It also symbolizes what our company stands for: empowering our worldwide community to dig deep and help each other reach for their dreams via our SMiZE & DREAM mentorship programs.


We are in search of a super creative person for social media management and marketing in our Los Angeles office. There could also be exciting travel involved - so having a passport is a must.

You’ll manage all aspects and platforms of our varied social media accounts and will work closely with our creative director and other marketing focused team members. You’ve done the job before and you’ve done it super well - and you know what it entails. So we will skip to who you are and save the list of responsibilities for the interview!


You are a social media guru, who can think up ideas, as well as bring to life the creative ideas of others–and most importantly: You are a TEAM PLAYER!

You are a master storyteller. You love to inspire others and leave customers with a smile on their faces. You love generating innovative, highly shareable ideas and inspiring content. Plus, you know how to elicit emotion and also make people LAUGH through your content creations! Because we’re all about laughter and fun.

You value community, next-level customer service, high quality product, authenticity and you don’t cut corners. You walk the walk

You are an energetic, super creative, people-person with an excellent eye for aesthetics and branding. You can snap great photos and understand brands, composition, coloration, and what makes a photo and video pop. You’ve got video editing skills, too. And you know how to use breakthrough technologies to make your job easier and to make content that excites and entices people.

You are focused on metrics - results that increase customer engagement, audience growth and beyond.

You work hard and love a fast-paced environment. You are flexible and can “go-with-the-flow” when new things pop up. When expectations change, you don’t get lost, you see a new opportunity to twist, pivot and make it work!

And your smile and Smize is ready to be an ambassador at events. You can talk up the product, have fun with customers and capture amazing content along the way. And you’re a team player that can help the team with the setup and break down of events. You know and relish in creating delicious, unique experiences.

You have big DREAMS and are set on making them come true and are eager to work with a company (us!!!) to help you get there. You also wanna make other people’s DREAMS come true and are looking for a place that cares about more than just making money (us again!!!)


• You have lots of experience developing strategic marketing plans that are actionable and have short and long-term targets and metrics

• You know how to ensure all creative assets properly reflect a brand

• You are a strategic visionary and clearly articulate and successfully translate strategy into real results

• You totally know how to orchestrate marketing, creative, media and communications to work seamlessly together. Articulate a creative vision and manage execution

• You have built and driven campaigns that merge sales data, market trends, and creative to make a big impact.

• You’ve executed unique experiences, activations, and tentpole events to create multi-touchpoint campaigns.

• Your superpower is engaging target audiences, influencers and partners to drive brand awareness to support marketing objectives

• You’re a connector and find/facilitate Corporate Partnerships, Sponsorships, Collaborations and Community Relations

And yes, this above list is provided as a taste of your job description but you’re keen to provide support on other company tasks and projects as needed. We’re a startup and you relish in that type of “Let’s do this!” environment.

  • Qualifications

5+ years of social media & marketing experience required
-Have managed multiple social accounts at once
-Food photography background is preferred. Ice cream photography is a plus! But a good eye is most important
-A company cell phone for photography will be provided for you. A DSLR, lighting equipment and props will be provided as needed
-Vehicle for transportation
-Passport, or ability to procure one
-You love ice cream! (Dairy or vegan)

Work Conditions

-Ability to work long hours and work with a flexible schedule.
-Work in standing and walking position for extended periods of time.
-Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
-May have to work at heights, around moving machinery, and with exposure to noise, vibration, and dust
-Ability to work both indoors and outdoors.

Please Note: While this is intended to be an accurate description of the job, this is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, skills, efforts, requirements or working conditions associated with the position, and may require that other or different tasks be performed as necessary and assigned. The Company is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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