Social Media Marketing Manager - Digital So Social - United States - Remote

Job Title: Social Media Marketing Manager
Company: Digital So Social
Location: United States Remote

We are looking for a talented and visionary Marketing Manager to lead our marketing function. As the first member of the marketing team, you’ll have a unique opportunity to shape and build functionality from the ground up. This role requires a self-directed, self-sufficient person, while possessing the charisma and skills of persuasion to make a lasting impact.

While energy, ambition and drive are appreciated, we also expect candidates to have some prior experience in marketing. However, we believe that the right individual with the right passion and potential can excel in this role, which is an ideal opportunity for those looking to take the next step and grow their influence as Our company expands.

Your responsibilities will include marketing efforts for both our products and the company as a whole. This includes creating high-quality marketing materials that effectively reach our target customers and resonate with potential investors. Due to the complex nature of our products and company, the Marketing Director must have a sharp mind to understand and distill complex technologies into concise and impactful messages.

Because additive manufacturing (AM) is so well-suited to photo and video assets, you’ll work closely with cinematographers and animators to develop compelling visual assets. Your creative collaboration will play an important role in communicating the value and potential of our products to a wide variety of audiences.

Building a high-value company requires an “beyond our weight” approach. We are looking for a Marketing Manager who can devise strategies to secure media coverage from reputable agencies such as BBC News, The Economist and The Financial Times. You will be responsible for attracting attention and buzz around our company leaving a lasting impact.

Caution and respect for confidentiality are paramount in this role. You will need to get permission from clients and partners to market the joint work and ensure that we maintain boundaries and maintain their trust.

While you won’t have to write all the content for the press release, we have a dedicated team for that. However, your coordination and collaboration with the PR team will be critical to tailoring our messaging and achieving consistent brand communication.

If you are a dynamic, visionary and resourceful marketing professional with a knack for distilling complex technologies into compelling messages. Together, we will shape the future of additive manufacturing and make our company an industry leader.

Note: This job description is subject to change and may be revised to fit the evolving needs of the company.

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