Social Media Managers main struggles

Hi everyone!

I’m doing so research and I would love to have your help here.

As a social media manager:

  1. What would make you feel more successful in 1 year?
  2. What are your main daily challenges?
  3. What is your main motivation to participate in communities like this one?

Thank you all in advance!


Hey Helena,

Hope you get many replies for your research!

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Thank you! Do you have any insights on those questions? :slight_smile:

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Well I could say some things although I’ve never held the title of “Social media manager” per se, creating your own content makes you a social media manager of sorts haha.

  1. Getting a job as a social media manager, or even something else entry level in the marketing/community space would make me feel pretty successful.

  2. Daily challenges is keeping up with all the social media changes and the landscape of things, or new social media popping up. Doing the 1 man show type thing.

  3. My main motivation to participate was to get more knowledge, make connections and hopefully find a job. I’ve enjoyed my conversations with people here and I’ve learned things that I may have not known elsewhere. I also enjoy the community, and that’s something I really want to be a part of.

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Hi @hdias — love this question. I did extensive research on this front as we planned to launch this community and would be happy to chat anytime.

And I’m going to tag in our @Best_Space_Friends — would love to get thoughts from you all on this one!

What a great question!

  1. Success is always going to be relative to each person/company’s goals. For me, it would be increasing my profit margin with a minimal amount of ad spend.
  2. I struggled a lot with having time to be on social media daily until I came up with my system of batching and scheduling most of that out. Now my challenge is allowing time each day to respond to interact with people on social media to continue building relationships.
  3. My main motivation for communities like this one is twofold. One, to be around and learn from others like me. Two, continue to pay it forward and help others with my knowledge like so many helped me.

Good luck on your research!

  1. Relative honestly. For my agency, it’s based on a few things like number of clients and generated revenue.

  2. The majority of our clients are from referrals, etc. So one struggle would be finding qualified leads that turn into clients. Other than that, it’s more honing the processes we’ve developed over the years to be even tighter than they are now.

  3. Communities like these are great as nearly everyone is in the same or similar boats. Especially when it comes to some of the same struggles, goals & so on. Having like-minded professionals to brainstorm, lean on, etc. is a great way to work together to become better in our own businesses.


Great insights! Thank you so much Kaz!

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Hi Paul. Thank you so much, that would be great!
Whats the best way to reach you so we can chat? :slight_smile:

And thank you for the tagging too!

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Thank you so much for your insights Lori!

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Thank you so much for your insights Eddie!


Just PMed you here @hdias

  • What would make you feel more successful in 1 year? Success will be increased client base as well as increased revenue. The cherry on top of all of it will be significantly increased name/brand recognition.

  • What are your main daily challenges?
    Daily challenges include keeping up with the endless changes on all the social platforms. Add to that, the changes implemented by the various search engines and I frequently need more than a couple of aspirin - like 4-5 of them!

  • What is your main motivation to participate in communities like this one?
    I am motivated to participate in online communities such as this for a few reasons. First, the exchange of knowledge and information related to social and digital is incredible! I love meeting folks in this arena and getting to know how they have developed and fine tuned their strategies to bolster client success. Finally, Just getting to look at what we do from a different perspective is refreshing!!


Thank you Paul! Talk to you soon!


Thank you so much Jay!


I am more than happy to chime into this @hdias! Hopefully I am not too late.

  1. If I were able to gain two clients that were around 5-8k a month.
  2. Scheduling TikTok’s and Instagram reels, finding a task platform that our entire team enjoys using, quick video editing is a struggle.
  3. Because I need to learn and continue to grow!