Social Media Manager - Vyper Industrial · Green Bay, WI

Job Title: Social Media Manager
Company: Vyper Industrial
Location: Green Bay, WI

Open Position: Social Media Manager
Salary: $55,000 - $65,000 (negotiable, depending on experience)
Benefits: PTO, Health, Dental & Vision Insurance, Paid Sick Leave, 401(k)

About Vyper

Here at Vyper Industrial, each and every person that’s part of this company strives to be the best we possibly can mentally, physically and emotionally. We don’t cut corners. We don’t quit. We want the best of the best talent and those that want to win. If that’s you, if you want to be the best you possibly can, then welcome home. Vyper was founded by our father, Chris Rusch. Our father is an engineering genius and is a well-known figure in the fabrication industry from his expertise in the industry.

Vyper was founded by Dayne and Dylan Rusch in 2020 out of Dayne’s 400 sq. ft. apartment. The brothers grew up helping their dad in the garage as he worked on various projects, from building hot-rods to an airplane. While they would help their father, they noticed the major pain points and struggles he would encounter with the cheaply made products he was using. Not only were they cheaply made, but they were very dangerous as well. As the brothers grew older, this problem only became worse with the influx of overseas manufacturing. This did not sit well with the Mid-western valued brothers that loved American manufacturing.

Therefore, they founded Vyper Industrial and hit the ground running with a vision to manufacture American Made garage products and to build thousands of American jobs. They started with the first product, the Vyper Chair, and are moving into many different products as Vyper grows. From growing 110% since last year combined with a vision to take over this industry, the team here at Vyper won’t settle for anything less than market domination.


With the competitive landscape of keeping an organization’s social media presence known, we are looking for a killer at the helm of Vyper’s social media. This position requires an individual with experience building and scaling a brand’s social accounts. This individual will be working with some of the largest, most notable brands and influencers in the automotive space. This position will be working directly with our Brand Director to capture the voice and messaging in our posts along with building a long-term strategy for our account. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity especially with where we are headed and the things we have coming.

Daily Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute strategies across all social media platforms, including but not limited to Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and Threads
  • Work closely with Brand Director and Creative Manager to align social strategy with the overall marketing calendar and objectives, including brand awareness, customer acquisition/member retention, and engagement/conversions
  • Develop and maintain a monthly social media + posting calendar based on upcoming marketing objectives, giveaways, sales and limited editions
  • Execute the day-to-day management and maintenance of all social media channels, including posting daily scheduled content and maintaining a relevant highlights section
  • Storytell through compelling content both photography and videography - that drives high-value engagement from the audience and grows followers
  • Conceptualize and produce social-first content (IG/Reels, IGS, TikTok, etc.) that accomplishes our marketing objectives, encourages engagement, expands our reach, connects with our audience, and conveys our value propositions
  • Collaborate with the editorial team to ensure product-focused and storytelling are seamlessly integrated into social channels
  • Maintain a pulse on social and e-commerce trends, pivoting and adjusting strategy in real-time to keep up with the latest happenings
  • Monitor social media conversations and trends related to our brand, industry, and competitors. Gather insights, analyze data, and provide actionable recommendations to improve our social media strategies and enhance customer engagement

Reporting & Communication

  • Set performance metrics specific to each platform; regularly measure, analyze, performance, and evolve social media strategy; report on statistics monthly
  • Proactively produce and communicate Vyper’s account’s performance reporting with key stakeholders, and share data-informed content planning recommendations
  • Closely monitor high-performing editorial content, and produce social content to resurface them on a daily basis on social media via desirable designed formats
  • Maintain a focus on engagement and KPIs while never straying from delivering an on-brand experience

Who You Are

  • 3-4+ years experience in social media marketing at an agency or brand
  • In-depth working knowledge of Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Threads
  • A mix of left and right brain; strategic thinker with a creative application
  • A passion for the automotive / car enthusiast industry
  • Can easily spot bar raising creative and can apply findings to create content; think of yourself as a content creator for Vyper
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proven ability to set and achieve KPIs and build social specific channel plans
  • Experience with both awareness and product education campaigns
  • Self-starter who is able to iterate quickly and work + collaborate with cross-functional teams
  • Ability to think outside the box and willingness to grow


The anticipated pay for this position is $55,000 - $65,000/year, starting. This pay rate does qualify for negotiation, depending upon a candidate’s experience, qualifications, and job-related knowledge/skills.

This role is a non-exempt position, qualifying for insurance and 401k benefits following 30 days of service and Paid Time Off / Sick Days following 90 days.

Salary at Vyper is determined by a combination of factors that include relevant experience, knowledge, skills, other job-related qualifications.

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