Social Media Manager & Strategist - Mountain Goat Software - Remote Freelance, contract-based position with room to grow

Job Title: Social media Manager & Strategist
Company: Mountain Goat Software
Location: Remote

Duration: 6 months
Time per week: ~10 hours

  • Manage and monitor the day-to-day social for Mountain Goat Software.
  • Research and experiment with ways to increase reach and build audience engagement
  • Document a successful process that we can use/build on in 2024.

Primary Responsibilities

Promote Content (podcasts, videos, blogs) via LinkedIn, facebook, and YouTube/

  • Create clips from longer YouTube videos that play on the platform to encourage clickthrough to full video
  • Write social media copy based on content

Promote Events (upcoming courses, webinars, live Q&A)

  • Use canva (or similar) to create social media graphics in the MGS style
    Research, Experiment & Recommend
  • Research how our competitors are using social media and make recommendations
  • Research how our collaborators/tangentially related businesses are showing up on social and recommend ways we can help spread their message / appeal to their audience
  • Recommend ways to increase frequency and reach
  • Experiment with conversational posts (polls, etc) that require minimal interaction from Mike
  • Get to know / help develop the Mountain Goat Software brand voice for social media posts
  • Collect data and create reports on what worked, what did not

**Document Process and Learnings **


  • Experience with Agorapulse, Canva, Light video editing tools
  • 1-2 year of copywriting experience
  • Hands-on experience in building and growing brand presence
  • Ability to experiment safely to build a long-term strategy

To Apply
Please send a cover letter and resume to: [email protected] with the subject line: “Social Media Position”

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Thanks for your listing @harrison.e.amy Hope you fill the job with a SMP Space Friend!

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Thanks @deb ! It’s a great position with a lot of potential for growth for someone with creative ideas and passion for social.

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