Social Media Manager School Students check in here

Excited to see so many Social Media Manager School students joining Social Media Pulse Community!

You might have been a student recently…or you might be OG and remember Andrea as Grandma Mary! Either way, it’s awesome you’ve made it over to Social Media Pulse.

Love working alongside @phylliskhare on the Social Media Pulse team and having Andrea contribute content!

Say hi…and give us an update on what you are currently doing!

ps had lots of fun going through logos of the past in the Facebook group!



Not sure if you all remember me or not…but went through SMMS way back when…I’ve met lots of you at Social Media Marketing World.

Over the years I’ve owned my own agency and then moved into doing a lot of community management consulting…I even worked for Social Media Examiner and Social Media Marketing World!

Eventually, I took a job as the Community Manager with Agorapulse and have worked with Phyllis since 2020. Along the way, Social Media Pulse was born and I’m excited SMMS has evolved to be Pulse Academy and now lives in Social Media Pulse!

Look forward to connecting and catching up with everyone!


…and that last logo is circa 2014? I believe we had at least 3 or 4 different ones through the years – that one really brings back the memories!


The history here is so cool! I’m so glad to be part of the continued legacy of Social Media Manager School with @phylliskhare!


Truly, you and the whole Team are fulfilling so many of the wishes I had for the School and the members.