Social Media Manager Salaries - How Much Should You Be Making in 2023?

As social media managers, one HUGE thing that affects many of us is what we get paid!

If you are currently working for someone as a social media manager, It’s essential to stay up on current salaries!

This Agorapulse May 2023 guide on social media manager salaries has some outstanding research and data!

Great tips on how to negotiate a higher salary too!

Now that you’ve seen the numbers…what are your thoughts? Are you tempted to move? Get a certification?

Interesting that Indeed reports the average base salary for social media manager in US is $56,782. As I curate the job listings for Social Media Pulse MANY of the salaries for those jobs are above this!

I found both the variation of which industry you work in and where you live and how it affects your pay very interesting!