Social Media Manager - Real Music Records, LLC - Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Area

Job Title: Social Media Manager
Company: Real Music Records, LLC
Location: Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Area

The Social Media Manager uses his/her technical knowledge to promote and expand the already vast social media outlets for Real Music Records. Not all of the labels social media responsibilty will be handled by this titled position, but the majority of the planning and overall direction will be. Along side of the CEO the social media manager will use his/her skills to grow the overal brand to the public eye and help the growth for local and national levels.

Duties and Responsibilities Include:

  • Review and prepare daily, weekly, monthly and quartly social media outlets and strategies.

  • Ensures consistency of external messaging, specifically in regards to brand image.

  • Manages various desktop publishing and graphic design projects.

  • Participates in project discovery meetings.

  • Works with the CEO to evaluate individual project needs, set up business requirements for social media, and finailize projects.

  • Reviews project layout and messaging to suggests improvements as needed.

  • Presents final project layout to CEO or client for approval. Makes adjustments to layouts as needed before sending to press.

  • Catalogs and archives digital assets and organizes group information as needed.

  • Minimum Requirements

  • Must have great communication skills. Be able to focus on the overall look of the company. Keeping morals and mission statment in mind at all times.

  • Proficiency in social media outlets such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, google plus, and email.

  • Proven desktop publishing, prepress and graphic design knowledge and skills preferred.

  • Ability to work on a Mac or PC platform.

  • Proven written communication skills.

  • Be able to perform at a professional level.

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