Social media manager ≠ content creator ≠ video editor ≠ graphic designer ≠ influencer manager ≠ copywriter ≠ community manager

Just saw this posted on LinkedIn…drop a GIF below with your reaction!

Has this happened to you? What do you do to survive?


Totally agree - but, because they are all functions of marketing communications, and many people have to wear more than one hat, what is a better title??


100% agree!

However as an agency owner, I do all of those any way!

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SAME!!! lol

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Ha! That’s all me…

They just renamed me a Marketing and Communications Specialist.

I do a lot of things, all related to supporting marketing efforts or communications (PR) for the community college.

Social media management is a big part of it.
Writing press releases and coordinating with media is another.
I just inherited responsibility for maintaining digital signage on our main campus.
And, depending upon what our one photographer/videographer has on his plate I am sometimes given a camera and told to do my best when covering an event.

When I was first hired, it was all of that (minus the digital signs) plus managing the online chat. Thankfully, that got handed off when they got funding to open a small customer service office (main phone line, email, chat, and in person help.)

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