Social Media Design - Spec Chart Needed

I’m sure I could Google it, right? Been there, done that many times. Things are a changin’ and will change before I go to bed tonight! Anyway, I REALLY NEED a SPEC CHART that lists all the SOCIAL MEDIA APPS and DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS laid out in a plain Jane, quick look at it get it done, kinda way.

For those not in the know (and I’m not trying to be a “crying CEO” . . . I’ve been out of the loop a few years taking care of myself and family after my husband of 37 years died. It’s real, ladies, it happens. Are you prepared? I wasn’t. I thought I was and now I’m just emerging from getting most of it figured out. It can take a long time to grieve a loss, regardless who it is, but especially if it’s a long-term relationship, or even a business partner or collaborator who did their thing, while you did your thing, and… If you don’t know what else you need to keep the ship flowing, it’s probably because the person you’re grieving took it with them to their grave. The business of death is gonna be your business at some point when you lose someone you love or trusted so fondly to be thinking like a team. Great teams communicate and strategize together. Teams participate in discussing problems and finding answers together.

Thanks you, Deb, and all those at the helm of Social Media Pulse. It feels good to be back.


Hi Linda!! Great to have you join us in SMP!!!

Are you looking for a graphic that shows appropriate image sizes?

Try this Agorapulse resource post


Thank you, Deb! This works for me!

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