Social Media calendar example

Is there a nocost online social media calendar out there? I have a small business client that needs to get organized. They are techies and don’t want to use pieces of paper. They work remotely so everything is online.

Hey Ellen, welcome back!

I’ve used this one for myself, but you may find it interesting for your client. When looking at the pricing tiers its 0/month for 50 posts but I am unsure if it’s posts in the calendar or posts that they can post for you. If you’re using it for planning only, I think it should work.

Hey @ellen.madaline - I use Airtable and am happy to share my template if you want it!


@ellen.madaline This Agorapulse blog might help too

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I use Airtable as a DB, if you have a use for planning, please share your secret, thank you.

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Great suggestion, thank you, I am trying it to see if it will work me.


Sure thing! This is the template I use: Airtable - Social Media Content Planner Template

And this is a video tutorial I recorded explaining how I use it: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

I hope it’s helpful! Feel free to use the template if it will work for you :slight_smile:

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Thank you