Social Media Audit Pricing

Hi everyone, I’ve got a quick question - I’ve not been asked for this in a while, but what’s the going rate for performing a social media audit for a client?

Here’s what I am proposing:

A thorough audit of the organisation’s current social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (they have 14 FB pages, not sure how many Instagram pages they have but likely 14, and one company LinkedIn account).

The audit will include an assessment of content quality, engagement levels, branding consistency, and audience demographics.

Based on the audit findings, I will provide detailed recommendations for improvement, including:

  • Content Strategy Enhancement: Tailored content suggestions to align with the organisation’s vision and mission, ensuring posts resonate with the target audience.

  • Brand Consistency: Recommendations to maintain a cohesive brand image and tone across all social media channels.

  • Engagement Strategies: Strategies to boost user engagement, including interactive content, contests, and user-generated content campaigns.

  • Platform Diversification: Insights on potential platforms beyond Facebook and Instagram that could benefit the organisation’s outreach efforts.

  • Analytics and Performance Tracking: Implementation of metrics to measure the success of implemented strategies.

I don’t need to do a comprehensive audit of all 14 of their Facebook Pages and Instagram pages, just an over-all review of how they are doing, but I’ll still need to look at them all.

I will provide a written report covering the above and I’ll also schedule a session with the client to go over the major findings of the audit and answer any questions that come up for them.


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I haven’t done an audit in quite awhile, but when I did, I was charging about $1000 for what you’re talking about. I’d also offer a loom video of me going through the report (or a recording of the Zoom meeting) so they can watch it back later when they need a refresher.

However, that was just to review 1 brand across each platform, not reviewing all 14. Not sure if that helps or not! If I was quoting what you’re talking about, I’d easily go $2500 or more. It sounds to me like you’re more so giving them a social media strategy, not just an audit, which ups the price in my mind. When you think about all the value you’re giving them - you’re setting them up for long term success. This isn’t something they’ll just use once.

All that being said, I’m not always confident with my pricing abilities lol so I’d love to hear what others have to say!

At the very least, I always start with how much time it will take me to figure out the hourly rate and then don’t forget to add on the value price!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


For this type of work and I always had strategy and some next steps, would start at $2500 and then an additional fee per FB/IG set so you aren’t stuck with a ton of work without pay. From experience you can jump in and find a lot of things that need strategy and thought behind them. An audit is meant to give the snap shot and a path to propel forward as well.

Good luck!


Thanks Autumn that’s much appreciated! I think I was probably going to undervalue myself with the price I had been thinking about, so I really appreciate your input.

Hope you are having an awesome week!


Thanks Kabrina, thanks very much for that. I’ll definitely up the price I had been thinking of.

So glad I asked this community! :slight_smile:


Glad we were able to help! Your time and expertise is valuable


Thanks everyone for jumping in! @alan hope you’ll report back what you decided so others can benefit too!

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