Social Bites: Manscaped

What’s your name?

Kevin Graham

What major social media account do you manage?


What is the best thing about managing this account?

I get to tell ball jokes for a living—sure, that sounds childish, but it’s so fun to work on an account that’s not super serious, fits my comedic style, and I have leadership that trusts me to create any content I want.

Screen Shot of a tweet from Manscaped reading, "balls at the cuzzi (emoji of two fingers indicating smallness), balls after sports (emoji of green-faced nausea emoji), balls come in twos (emoji of hand holding up two fingers), balls in your shorts (emoji of shorts)

What is the HARDEST thing about managing this account?

Handling the amount of comments across all platforms can become a lot. In addition, understanding the line of appropriate/funny vs sexual is so important as well as knowing when to stay out of certain trends that could be bad for the brand image (even if you think of a hilarious post)

How do you think up your posts?

I let inspiration come to me. Often times I observe what’s going on in my daily life with friends and family. Nowadays social media is about creating posts that are shareable aka relatable. I find pain points that people speak about and make the MANSCAPED version of that. I also travel a lot to find new inspirations and better understand how others think and experience things.

For Twitter: Create a list of your favorite accounts and watch them daily to find inspo

For TikTok: Trends come quickly, find sounds that are up and coming and learn how to relate the trend to your brand (audience pain point)

For Instagram: Repost TikToks, IG Stories are people that already follow you so create for them, not as broad topics.

Is there a long approval process for social content or are you trusted to pretty much do your own thing?

I’m completely trusted to post what I feel like when I want. Our leadership kicks ASS and it’s the main reason I’ve stuck around here for so long.

What have some of your most popular posts been, and why do you think they struck such a chord?

  1. One of my best tweets was a response to a Twitch Streamer who started shaving his you-know-what on stream… I tweeted about how it wasn’t a good way to get a sponsorship from us and the tweet, along with a few other replies garnered over 1M impressions.

Screen Shot of Manscaped tweet reading, "there are better ways to get a sponsorship with us than doing this"

Screen Shot of Manscaped tweet reading, "after recent phallic events have surfaced we want to remind you that "just trimming" is not and will not be a category on Twitch"

  1. Spotify went down for a bit and my initial reaction was to say that I can’t trim my balls now since (from a story done on our IG) I knew our audience sometimes plays music while they trim… The post got thousands of likes and RTs

Screen Shot of Spotify Status tweeting about an outage and Manscaped replying, "i can't trim my balls in silence"

What have some of your favorite posts been, even if they aren’t necessarily the ones that went “viral”?

My favorite posts are the other members of my team on TikTok. Our team is so hilarious, collaborative, supportive, and creative. All props to them. Our social media director Tyler is the one who really brought the brand TikTok to life!

Screen Shot of a Manscaped TikTok featuring social media director Tyler

Has a post ever landed you in hot water? (Tell us ALL the juicy details!)

Yes, I created a Smoothchella post mimicking the Coachella lineup with artists like Taint Impala and Girth Wind and Fire lol. The issue was that we ran a ball trimmer giveaway with it and their legal team didn’t like how close to the name it was (trademark issue).They were super cool about it and even admitted it was hilarious, but we had to take it down…

graphic for Smoothchella featuring headliners Hairy Styles, Sack Harlow, and Stank Ocean, among other acts

(The internet never forgets! -Editor)

What do you wish you knew before you started managing this account that might have made things easier at the beginning?

Understand the community first, then the platform. I really started creating good content once I understood WHO I was marketing to and HOW they spoke. Once you really understand these you can start creating impactful content for them.

What’s your advice for someone starting out in social?

  1. Your social resume will be account metrics and knowledge of social

  2. Networking will take you further than anything else in your career

  3. Document your wins, data of improving socials, boss praise to pull up receipts in reviews + for a raise

  4. Burnout is real, take time away from your screen to enjoy REAL LIFE

  5. One bad post performance doesn’t mean s**t. Keep going

  6. Have fun, if you aren’t enjoying it, it’s going to be a long career for ya

What’s your advice for brand managers to get the best out of their social media managers?

Trust them. If you are worried about something, train them on it then let them use their judgment to follow trends and keep pushing your brand forward. Social moves too quickly to check in with 8 different people first. Let them come to you if they are debating posting or not.