Social Bites: Krystal Wu (HubSpot)

What’s your name?

Krystal Wu

What major social media account did you manage?


What was the best thing about managing this account?

A large, engaged and active audience made for lots of fun discussions while connecting with some of the coolest people.

What was the HARDEST thing about managing this account?

It was a double-edged sword; there were so many mentions to this account it took a LOT to keep up with.

How did you think up your posts?

Weekly team brainstorms—we talked about what was trending, what projects we had in the pipeline and how we could align them, and then always referenced our content pillars. We would divide content to “in the moment” and “evergreen”.

Was there a long approval process for social content or were you trusted to pretty much do your own thing?

The approval process went through three people, all on the social team. This meant if an idea was submitted on a Monday, it might take until Thursday or Friday for approval for the following week(s).

What were some of your most popular posts, and why do you think they struck such a chord?

Most popular posts were content that was related to our brand infused with a trend or meme. It likely struck a chord because it was relevant, funny, humanized the brand and provided a relatable spin for folks in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service.

What have some of your favorite posts been, even if they aren’t necessarily the ones that went “viral”?

My favorite posts were always our text-only content. The reason for this is because it was accessible for all readers, was straight to the point, and left enough of the storyline missing for folks to jump into the conversation and fill it out. They also quickly became our most successful.

What do you wish you knew before you started managing this account that might have made things easier at the beginning?

The time commitment of managing a large audience with a massive mention count. We needed more than one person to handle that.

What’s your advice for someone starting out in social?

Don’t always take requests at face value from outside teams. They don’t know the strategy in and out, they don’t know the audience, they don’t know what’s trending, they don’t know the social environment. Take their requests into account but know that what they say might not always be best for social and it’s your job to adjust appropriately.

What’s your advice for brand managers to get the best out of their social media managers?

Don’t just listen to why social media managers are suggesting a new direction or idea. Understand where that suggestion is coming from. That will answer the majority of the questions.

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