Social Bites: Brandon Hunt (IGN)

What’s your name?

Brandon Hunt

What major social media account did you manage?


What was the best thing about managing this account?

Massive following and good reach

What was the HARDEST thing about managing this account?

Horrible comments

How did you think up your posts?

Daily and weekly group effort with the social team

Was there a long approval process for social content or are you trusted to pretty much do your own thing?

Depended on the content coming from the team and editorial

What have some of your most popular posts been, and why do you think they struck such a chord?

Mostly s***posts because they were low impact but usually dumb and hilarious

What have some of your favorite posts been, even if they aren’t necessarily the ones that went “viral”?

1000% our s***posts

Has a post ever landed you in hot water? (Tell us ALL the juicy details!)

Too many to count but we once posted a tweet about a Ted Bundy netflix movie that got so misconstrued into us basically saying he was hot by accident that is caused a fire lol

What do you wish you knew before you started managing this account that might have made things easier at the beginning?

Reactions to posts are quick and sometimes RUTHLESS in the comments

What’s your advice for someone starting out in social?

Learn the platforms up and down and stay on top of the platform changes and trends like its the main part of your job

What’s your advice for brand managers to get the best out of their social media managers?

Social is way more important than you think is, content production is exactly that so don’t take advantage of the social team. PREP PREP PREP. Know what you’re asking for from the social team before you ask it. DON’T ASSUME ALL POSTS GO VIRAL and 1000% don’t f***ing tell your clients that. As a brand manager, remember that you work with the social team FOR YOUR COMPANY, NOT for your client. The client is not always right and that’s why they hired you and want your social team.

Horrible comments. That’s a trend, isn’t it @christine :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Love Brandon’s advice on prepping content and also what he’s saying about the client is not always right. I’ve only ever worked with one big giant corporation but my gosh… they were wrong so much! :sweat_smile:

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I’m grateful my time with big corporations was all before social media!