SMP New User(s) of the Month and the SMP Top 10 List – OCTOBER 2022

Here we are, the day of celebration … what celebration??? :face_with_monocle:

Oh, you don’t know? Check the Leaderboard announcement to get wise and then come back as we announce the winners of our monthly engagement badges!!! :clinking_glasses: :piñata: :confetti_ball:


New User of the Month:

  1. @brandon1
  2. @josephpaulhuber

Top Ten:

  1. @eternalkaz – 468 Stars – User of the Month, Top 3 Badge, Top 10 Badge
  2. @EddieGarrison – 165 Stars – Top 3 Badge, Top 10 Badge
  3. @judihays – 136 Stars – Top 3 Badge, Top 10 Badge
  4. @dorien – 130 Stars – Top 10 Badge
  5. @rachel1 – 111 Stars – Top 10 Badge
  6. @dewieirigjones – 110 Stars – Top 10 Badge
  7. @linaburgjeremy – 105 Stars – Top 10 Badge
  8. @mtaylor – 91 Stars – Top 10 Badge
  9. @communifi – 90 Stars – Top 10 Badge
  10. @awilson – 89 Stars – Top 10 Badge

@eternalkaz joined SMP on our third day in existence, but took some time to ruminate before coming out of nowhere to put a massive 468 Stars on the board in October, blowing the rest of the pack out of the water to win his Space Friend of the Month badge on Social Media Pulse and get both his first Top 3 and Top 10.

Our man @EddieGarrison cracked the #top-3 again for the fourth time and @judihays landed her first #top-3 and second #top-10.

And hey @chris – we haven’t seen you in a #top-10 since March! What gives, man? Especially since you snagged that handle … :sunglasses:.


I WANTED to say it was because I’ve been unemployed since early September, but then I should have been on Septembers #1 :wink: - I think it just took me a little bit of time to go all in. But yes, I was definitely here since the early days and just watching haha but also busy working.

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It’s been great to have you here in SMP @eternalkaz! I know we talked about it a little during #Table-Talks last month, but let the @SMP_Team know if we can help you in your job search.

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