SMP New User(s) of the Month and the SMP Top 10 List – NOVEMBER 2022


For many of us November is the month of gratitude and the SMP Team would love to express our gratitude for our Top 10 users (and everyone else) who have contributed both their time and expertise to the community!

November was a fun month as we went on Mission: LinkedIn…and boy, did the Space Friends network! Love seeing this month’s scoreboard!

Top Ten:

WOW what can we say!!! @eternalkaz is leaps and bounds above everyone else this month! Way to rack up those stars! :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

@linaburgjeremy comes in second place and gets his sixth Top 3 and his tenth Top 10! :raised_hands:

@dorien Great to see you back in the Top 3 since June! Let’s celebrate your seventh Top 10! :star_struck:

It’s @judihays first time in the Top 3 – love that it happened during our Mission LinkedIn…especially since she is the author of a LinkedIn book!

First time ever we’ve had two ties!!!
@judihays and @awilson tie for 4th place and @dewieirigjones and @hdias tie for 7th place!

@awilson is back for her third consecutive Top 10 appearance! Love the questions and conversations you’ve been starting!

Coming in sixth place is @EddieGarrison who has consistently been in the Top 10 EVERY month since April! That’s eight straight months! Congrats! :rocket:

@dewieirigjones is back for his third straight month in the Top 10 :tada:

Loved seeing @hdias and @ChiefCoffeeDrinker enter the Top 10 for the first time

@jencoleict returns to the Top 10…missed you, Jen!


Wahoo! Mission LinkedIn was fun! Congrats to @eternalkaz and @linaburgjeremy who ‘beat’ me! :smirk::rofl:

I’ve had all intention to join the TikTok challenge and even made a TikTok account - gulp - but have failed miserably. It is December 8! I am going to some reading TONIGHT to catch myself up. Cheers to the holidays friends. we are sooo close to 2023.


lol thanks Dorien! It was a pretty close call between you and @linaburgjeremy. Did the leaderboards get reset?? I wasn’t anywhere near #1 in all time - I believe I was chasing after @communifi for that spot.

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@eternalkaz there is an overall Leaderboard that keeps running…we’ll do a 2022 Top 10 List…but for this…it resets monthly!