SM Manager Needed For Restaurant Chain FB Account (contract remote)

I have a friend who is in need of a Facebook and Facebook Ads expert. The restaurant chain she works for has a corporate office, 4 different chain brands and franchises for each brand. Different people created the Facebook accounts. Some accounts are tied in Business Manager under the corporate account. Others are not connected through Business Manager and she has access. And others are not connected through Business Manager and she doesn’t have access. Here’s what she needs help with:

  • Gaining access to the restaurant location accounts she doesn’t have access to by requesting ownership through Facebook
  • Verifying and Editing Page Roles for each of the pages
  • Confirming and Establishing Parent/Child Pages
  • Putting together a guide of best practices for franchise location pages
  • Helping get a Facebook pixel for the different brands (some are under the corporate BM account)
  • Any assistance getting in contact with Facebook support - she’s tried several angles and isn’t having success

It’s convoluted so she’s seeking someone who has experience successfully working through at least some of these issues with Facebook. This is a remote, contract position and she’s looking to get someone ASAP.

If you’re interested, please contact her at [email protected]. Please reference Social Media Pulse in your email.


Thanks so much for your post! We’ve got some great people with ad experience in Social Media Pulse!


Hi @marceacazel

I have reached out via email.